Slow PC Causing Frustration?

Why is it that we spend a lot of our hard earned cash on PC equipment, only to find you hammering on the desk in frustration when the PC grinds slowly when trying to do the simplest of things?

Why does it do that? After all, PCs are expected to be an electronic brain capable to do the computation in the blink of an eye. Well sometimes I could have a good power nap and come back to the PC and watch a nice little egg timer URGH!

Does this happen to you? Am I the computer dunce of the century?

I guess the answer would be 'Of course not, it's this stupid machine'. Well this may be the case and several factors can cause any PC to play a slow hand, slow processor, a full hard drive, limited memory with too many applications running at the same time.

But also we have the Registry. What is that? That sounds like alien talk to non computer nerds and techies, but it's not as bad as it sounds. Here's a snippet of information to put you at ease:

For most of us the Registry is like the spark plugs in our cars: we know they are there, that they are very important and that they are not something to be played with. Just as a car with a faulty spark plug does not make the car run slower, so a corrupt Registry can have the same effect and can even stop Windows from starting? But if you know what you're doing, the Registry can be valuable ally in the cause of effective computing.

Well that does not seem so bad now does it? You now have some knowledge of what a registry is, but as they say, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Just because you have some knowledge, you also have to know how to use it. I do not consider my self a PC whiz, far from it, but I have used PC's for a number of years now and know my way around the rudiments of operating this clever box of tricks.

Consider this though. All that information on you PC, maybe a small amount or you life's history and you want to get your information that much quicker. You have learned the 'Knowledge' of making adjustments to your PC's operating system and it looks so simple. You venture forth and tap eagerly at your keyboard to make these small changes and hey presto, the PC crashes and you wonder if all your valuable information is lost forever. Why take the risk playing with things that you have only limited knowledge of.

I have been in that situation a few times and believe me it is so frustrating that words can not alone describe the anxiety you get yourself into. But hey, why go down that road, there is help at hand and software that can take all that uncertainty away.

I have used a few pieces of software or PC housekeeping and this seems to do the business. Get something that will remove that fear factor from keeping your PC healthy and sit back and enjoy your PC at the speed it describes.

Source by Peter Wiglet