How to Practice Guitar Without All the Noise

If you practice the guitar, you know at times that the noise levels can get a bit loud. For some styles like classical or acoustic guitar without an amplifier, this is not a problem. For other styles like electric guitar or electric acoustic, there can be some noise concerns that you need to deal with. You don’t want to pester any neighbors especially in an apartment setting. You also don’t want to cause any ear issues in the future with hearing loss. Learn how you can practice your guitar without as much noise.

The first thing that you can do if using an acoustic guitar is to find a device that plugs up the hole. What this does is cut down on the noise considerably. As you strum it won’t take advantage of the hollow body to produce as much sound. This dampens the effect and makes practice quite a bit quieter.

When using an amplifier, consider getting a practice amp. While you might personally enjoy the louder sound, it’s just practice and this doesn’t matter. During practice you should be focusing on the quality of your playing. The louder you turn everything up, generally speaking the less quality that you have. With a practice amp you can keep the volume low and be more critical about your playing technique.

Another alternative is to get some practice headphones. Your current amplifier might already have a headphone jack. This means you can simply plug in and play. Headphone practice will not cause any noise issues with neighbors.

If the room you practice in has tile or cement floor, get some rugs, mats, padding, or carpet to put on the ground. This will dampen the noise levels considerably.

Follow some of or all of these techniques will let you continue to practice your guitar without dealing with any noise related issues that at times come up.

Source by Mateo Martins