Christian Home Based Business – Are You Plugged In?

Getting ready for breakfast one morning, I got an object lesson that directly applies to all we do in our Christian walk. Nothing like starting out the day with a big "aha!"

My plan was to make some yummy fruit smoothies for my 3 teenage boys. Good stuff! It was a good plan. Starting with orange juice, I poured the ingredients into the blender. In went some frozen banana chunks, frozen strawberries, and a few good plops of vanilla yogurt. It was going to be a winner!

Pushed the button …. nothing happened. Pushed it again … nothing. What's going on? Looking around the counter, I saw the obvious answer. The cord was not plugged into the power socket.

I do not know why that object lesson hit me so clearly but it did. You can have the greatest plan in the world, the greatest opportunity, the greatest motivation. You can even throw in all the right ingredients … a winner of a product line, clear marketing goals, good business plan. But you push the "go" button and do not go anywhere.

Why? Let me ask you, are you plugged in to the only Power Source that matters, which is the Holy Spirit? Did you start your day in prayer, committing your time, your efforts, and your business to the Lord? Did you pray for wisdom, guidance, divine appointments, and how can you be a blessing to someone today?

Another aspect of being plugged in is networking with other Christian entrepreneurs. There are opportunities with forums online, local networking groups, and just your own circle of friends to lift each other up in prayer, encouragement, and helpful business building ideas.

Do not make the mistake of trying to operate without being plugged in. The most important thing you'll do for your business every day is to say to the Lord, "Here I am. He has more planned for you than you could even begin to imagine, and it's for His glory ultramately.

(c) 2007 Becki Maxson,

Source by Becki Maxson